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Marklog will return soon.

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I will return to blogging soon so stay tuned.


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November 24, 2007 at 4:07 pm

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“Too sexy to fly?” – Today show gets… Um. Flashed.

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Ha. National Television. Nothing like it. Today did a segment about how some lady’s skirt was “Too short to fly with” when they asked her to stand up it seemed like nothing. Not too flashy. Not to revealing, But that all changed when she sat back down. And inadvertently flashed The Today Shows Audience. This was caught. (Thank god. Last thing we need is another FCC “OMZG! CENSOR THAT!” fiasco like we all remember from a few years ago.)

Here’s the article on there blog “allDAY”

This morning, Matt interviewed Kyla Ebbert, a 23-year-old college student who works as a waitress at Hooters. WATCH VIDEO

Two months ago, she boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from San Diego to Tucson. Before the flight took off, she was escorted into the jetway by a customer service representative, who asked her to change her clothes.

She didn’t have any other clothes with her — she had no luggage — so the customer service rep told her to go home and change, then get a later flight. She said she had an appointment that she couldn’t change, so after getting a lecture on appropriate attire, she was allowed to re-board the plane. But once back in her seat, she had to cover her legs with a blanket for the entire flight.

Kyla wore the same outfit to the show this morning (see below).

At first, when she appeared on the set, it didn’t seem like her outfit was so inappropriate. It was clear that her skirt was pretty short, but it didn’t seem worthy of getting a lecture from a customer service representative on how to dress.

But when she sat down, we learned just how short that skirt was — when she flashed our national television audience. Yeah, that skirt was short.

So there are a lot of questions here. What is appropriate dress for flying? Who should decide what is appropriate? Should airlines have a dress code? And without a dress code, can an airline block someone from flying? (You can vote on whether you think this outfit is inappropriate HERE.)

Southwest did, in fact, let her take the flight, but apparently not without embarrassing her and making a scene. It seems like unless there was a particular incident or complaint from other customers, then she should have been allowed to fly without any issues.

But as we learned this morning, that skirt was indeed pretty short.

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September 7, 2007 at 3:06 pm

A “Coolieo”, Google App’s for Domain owners

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I’ve known its existence for quite a while but it never has hit me until today that i should try Out Google’s “Google App’s for domains”. I’m glad if finally did come to me. Think of if as having your own Virtual Google. Your own Gmail, You own Doc’s and spreadsheets, Google Chat etc. I’ve been an avid Gmail use since the beta. (I was among some of the first one’s to try it out when the entire thing went online. I joined within the first 3 month’s of it going online). So leaving Gmail as many times as i’ve tried (Looking for something different i guess.) Just doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter who it is. Yahoo, AOL,, Hotmail or even the snazzy free webmail i got with the domain just couldn’t match up to gmail. But as of today i’ve found a service that does. Gmail. Yes. Gmail. OK. OK. You now are either thinking to your self “This guy’s lost his mind. He’s saying that Gmail is as good or better than Gmail” or “Uhhhm.” or you might know what i’m talking about already. When you signup for Google App’s you get a few of Google’s cool apps, Docs and Spreadsheet’s. Google Chat, Calendar, Reader and Gmail. But the difference is instead of going to “” to get to gmail, You go to And when you go there your greeted by a “mark(net)” logo i whipped up in Seashore within a few minutes. Its really a cool service, Which requires only access to beable to change your MX Records and add a CNAME in your domain. I’m going to write a huge long review later next week. So stay tuned.

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September 5, 2007 at 8:22 pm

“Refreshed”, Back. Posting. Alive.

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To the very few readers who still remain, I’m still here. The last few month’s have been nothing less than exhausting. I’ve been moving, Starting new sites, Working on current ones and mainly being very tired. So posting here as well… Suffered. Quite literally. But now as we approach fall/winter I’ll become less and less busy, Meaning I’ll get more time to post. As you can see i’ve also “refreshed” the site’s look a little bit. So stay tuned and stay subscribed. As posts will be here soon.

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September 5, 2007 at 9:36 am

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Yeeep. Its *almost* time to start thinking about the Holidays.

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Is it me or has the year gone by like… REALLY quickly?

Just yesterday i thought it was June, So now its time to start thinking about the holidays. I know, I know, Your probably going like “But Christmas is still 4 months away!”. But i’ve learned something. Make a “Draft I” of your christmas list 3-4 months in advance. And when mid-august roll’s around (2 weeks!) is when to start keeping it a little bit more towards the “middle” of your mind. Whats going to be hot this year? Well. I’m not sure. That’ll get revealed as we roll closer and closer into the “Holiday madness!” series. But here’s a few things you might want to start thinking about it the next 30-60 days:

  • Holiday Decorations. There is NOTHING worse than getting 30 days until Christmas everyone is going nuts, The stores are full of people and the shelves’s are being emptyed as quick as they become full. So now is a good time to start thinking about what you wan’t on the tree. “Bulb decorations or ball decorations?, Colored lights or Clear white lights?, “Iccle lighting on the exterior or not? (this is a great time to do a check of the exterior to make sure everything will go up without a hitch so that your not doing it later in 65F weather)
  • Start the cleaning. You might have already cleaned up but if you haven’t this would be a good time to do it. Try to decided where your going to put things when its time to start putting the decorations up. (personally we do this mid-late November), Also try to estimate how many outlet’s you’ll need, Including things such as TV’s (As our TV is next to the tree most years) So that you can buy power strips and extension cords.
  • Decorate safely. You don’t want to start your tree on fire so plan safely. Don’t try to save a few dollars by straining cords or using broken / old cords, Cords older than 5 years shouldn’t be used and should be disposed of.

This is just the start. Marklog will be going into “Holiday Alert 2007!” this year. So stay tuned to Late August – Early September for alot of changes rolling around! -mark

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August 11, 2007 at 4:13 am

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[Post Note: This one has been in the draft area for at least 1 month. So its finally going to see the light of day. I’ll be updating this later today.]

I’ve come to figure out, that in its current standing with its current up-time and viewership numbers. has failed. or to say the least sucks A<censored> Currently. As of 10:53:21PM there is no stream. Justine’s channel is mass populated by perverted ink-heads and when Justin’s stream actually is up. There isn’t any audio. Is this the “Perfect live, Lifecasting platform” that justin was talking about at the Cable Conference? Right now, 99% of Ustream channel are more instristing, Up longer, Load faster and have more intresting content than the *three* channels! ooooooooohhhhh! Threee!. I even acknlodge and admit, that i retract all previous postings with criticism towards As right now. UStream is kicking’s <censored>. Is this just me on an angry rant? Or am i right? Has the QOC (Quality of content) fallen along with the VLS (Viewership Loyalty Scale). I think this serve’s as a good example of growing too quickly to handle.

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June 22, 2007 at 12:11 pm

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Nalt’s *weeps* himself into the YTPProgram

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Nalt’s (the brother of salt’s) has offically weeped his way into the YouTube Revenue Sharing program. With his “NAPPY” intiative. This mean’s any ad revenue of which YouTube gets via video shown on his page is shared with him, (at an undisclosed percentage, Don’t worry i’m working on that) You can see the video where his house is broken into at The video is on that page to preserve a fast loadtime of under 3 seconds on this page, As YouTube’s embed code has been slowing my site down to unacceptable speed’s lately so i’ve removed any embeds from the home page. (That page will work for 5 days, Until it’s deleted). So the “Excuse”.

Well. Ya know, Before i came here i used to do video on Revver. And so i could support myself a little bit by get paid there. But since i’ve joined YouTube that just hasn’t happened.

Well. ‘nother director off my subscription list.

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June 22, 2007 at 12:06 pm

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