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My review of the Canon A550.

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Well i noticed that the local CompUSA near my house was going out of business. So i decided to pop-in to see if they had any CD’s in stock. And interestingly. When i came out, I had everything but CD’s. Including a Wireless Game Controller and a new Digital Camera. This series of camera has always gotten noticed by me. (In the way of “Buy me! – Buy me!” and for Christmas i received an Olympus Stylus 710. And…. Well… Its not that great of a camera. Its a great point-and-shoot camera. But control of this like its ISO and Fstop level’s are poor and sometimes missing. It also uses Olympus’s Proprietary xD Memory format along with there proprietary cable to connect via USB. So when i noticed that they had it 30% off its normal price (Usually 199.99 – Now 149.99) I decided to buy. and i’m glad i did. So far this camera has really changed the way that i look at photography. and really made me look at things differently. In that with the software that’s included with it (Which is actually pretty good) along with iPhoto and Photoshop. I’ve made photo’s of which even i thought i couldn’t have done. It has 18 Shooting Mode’s (Not including movie mode and Manual mode, Which is what i use most of the time, As it turns off the chip that auto-focuse’s and does thing like auto-iso) It also has more generious included items. Such as a included 16MB MMC Card – and things like TV Cable’s and better manual’s.

So over all i would give the Canon PowerShot A550 [Five Stars]

Click me for a picture! 


Written by markp1

April 20, 2007 at 12:48 am

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