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What you don’t want to see with a host.

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I thought i would write about this. If you look at, They are a free ad-free hosting site. With cPanel and MySQL etc. They look to be the perfect solution, Until you get to the support forums. The reason why it ends there is beacuse the site has been abandoned by the owner. The only reason why the server’s are still up is beacuse they are pre-paid. and the domain expires 12.25.2007 (Christmas day). Thats is the worst thing to see with a free web-host. Before you signup, Go to there support forums and look to see how long its been sience the admin signed on and has suported the users. and whois the domain to ensure that it doesn’t expire tommarow. And the #1 rule for free web hosting.

Always have a SQL and home directory backup. It can save your site. 


Written by markp1

April 20, 2007 at 3:53 am

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