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Tips to a new site.

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These are my main tips on setting up a new website – What to do and what to try and what to look for.

-Google your host.
Make sure that they are a reputable well know host. This can save you time and money with not having to find a new host while your users are waiting to read and commet on your content.

-Compare to other hosts.
Do this not only for getting the best value. But also the best value in bandwidth and diskspace. Along with things like control panel’s and number of Email accounts.

-Try out the demo’s
Hosting company’s setup demo’s for a reason. So you can try before you buy. Try out the control panel and see if you like it. See if they have phpmyadmin and see how fast page’s load compared to other hosting company’s

-Check where there datacenter is.
The closer you are to the datacenter the faster pages will load for you and for visitors to your site. This is beacuse data has less ground to travel from the time its sent from the server, To the time it gets to you.

-See if they support your scripts.
If you need to run things like WordPress than you’ll need php – MySQL and maybe FTP (You can get by without FTP if your host is using cPanel)

-Check the review sites.
This can be a great place to see what the host’s support is like. and how long / how many downtime’s they have.

-Take advantage of the coupon code.
If you find a coupon code on a site, Write it down. If you choose to use that host you can save a few bucks when signing up. Therefor lowering the overall cost of getting your site up and running.

-Free domain’s arent always better.
I suggest against free domains beacuse your stuck with the host. Meaning if you want to leave, You cant take the domain with you.

-Feel free to ask and call. Feel free to email and ask questions or even call there support / sales line’s. This can also give you a idea on support.

Hosts i recomend:
(Have any others? Comment and i’ll check them out and maybe even add them to this list)


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May 5, 2007 at 7:25 pm

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