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OK. This is a pure rant. Right now in watching i’m disgusted at the lack of true content.

For the last two nights he’s thrown the camera to his friends to keep it up and entertain the viewers. Once beacuse he was so badly drunk that it probably wans’t correct to give the user’s that much hell in watching that bad of a video stream. and from what the chatroom has gathered be probably “boinked” the one girl he brought home. During that time, Kyle was left to entertain the viewers during his usual working time. (12AM – 6AM)

The current topic in the apartment is “ money money and more money” Which causes a pathetic excuse of true content. Run a archive video if that’s what you’ve got to do to keep good content up.

As of now. We can’t tell if he’s drunk or if he’s done some strong drug’s.

My overall explanation of this post:

Justin should apologize to his roommates for the absolute pathetic job he’s been doing and leaving the work to his fellow roommates. If i worked there regardless of my income i would have been long gone.

Actually, You can subtract at least 1 – 2 days off of that to get the real time, With combined downtimes camera falures and just pure lazyness its been live for more like 46 days 00 hours and 01 minutes.

Actually [...]

As of 3:30AM This is what all users see: image capture as of 3:32:22AM - 6th of may 2007


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May 6, 2007 at 3:49 am

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  1. A lot of people have been looking at as doing something artistic…..creative….pushing the edge….and provide Justin with a tremendous amount of leeway and respect for this. After all, this is the first MOBILE viewing of someones life. And how many people are willing to open their entire life to literally ANYBODY? Justin is willing to show them his messy rooms, women in bed with him, the way he uses the toilet, and all of the sounds associated while in the bathroom. He is truely willing to show warts, blemishes, and defects in his life.

    But…is it an artistic reason why Justin is doing it? Where is the passion for what he does? We hear him talk about money, and pissing on somebody’s yacht. But, beyond this….what is the purpose? Where is the passion?

    Maybe, from Justin’s perspectivve, as a geeek, and a business person, he has been product testing. Testing hardware, software, Internet connections via WiFi, cell phone, etc…
    Maybe from Justin’s perspective, his time is almost finished. Product testing is almost finished, and product will soon go out the door to various companies, and the truly artistic people will have another tool with which they can utilize their creative energies.

    Maybe, in the near future, we will not see Justin on, and he really couldn’t care less.

    Cool Luke

    May 6, 2007 at 4:33 am

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