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A run down of my current favorite blogs…

  1. “Cheap-Cell-Phone-Wireless” ( – Don’t be fooled by the name of this blog. Its not another splog like most blogs with “cheap” and “phone” are. This was a great find and focus’s on my favorite phone provider, Cricket.
  2. Photomatt. ( – I’ve been a reader of this one for about 2 years. I forgot why i subscribe to this one. But one reason i think is because its the blog of a WordPress Devloper (More like the creator)
  3. Single Serve coffee ( – Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
  4. The blog. ( – I used to use to host an old revision of a blog like this one called “markblog” and still like to see what they are upto.
  5. The WordPress podcast blog ( – Hosted by Charles Stricklen (See my separate subscription to his blog farther below) and David Peralty (He’s a canuck! :P)
  6. – ( – ???
  7. Cyrus – ( – Former writer for Mac world. I originally found him via the Mac world podcast. of which, without i might not be blogging here today.
  8. Charles stricklin – ( – See wp-podcast abouve.

Written by markp1

May 18, 2007 at 5:19 am

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