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Congrat’s to and Automattic.

leave a comment » has reached a *huge* mile stone today. (Thursday, May 24, 2007) they’ve reached there 1 millonth blog. Meaning. that there is over 1 millon “” and probably hundreds, If not thousands are use Domain Mapping (A £20 upgrade) This is a huge milestone for everyone at Automattic i would guess. It shows not only that WordPress scales but it also makes for a great community. I personally would choose the community over blogger – vox etc.

So congrat’s to Everyone at automattic! Give your self a minute to relax!

(Even though this post will most likely never be seen by someone at Automattic i’m still going to write and post it.)

(Edit added the below info)

Why is this important to me?

Well. Its not really but does hold some nice memories. As i orignally started a blog on (When it was still very new) called “markblog” and ran this for 6 month’s or so before closing it and moving on to new things. but the main part in this is that without me starting that orignal blog at called markblog. There might have never been this blog, Called “marklog” 😉

and for those who want to see


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May 24, 2007 at 1:31 am

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