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What pisses me off, and what i get on people for.

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If you’ve ever seen me in chatroom’s (any, even more so when i’m a moderator or when i’m a global mod) You’ll notice that i get on people for alot of things. So to try to clear this up i made a list on what i’ll get on you about.

  • Un-needed link or linking via usernames.  If you link to your site via your username or just plug your site than most likely i’ll get on you. This is even more so when it has nothing to do with the topic being discussed at the moement.
  • Spamming. (Note for rooms where i’m a mod on *only* people who spam get kicked at banned for 78 hours. No exceptions***. – Do it again and get KZlined*)
  • Flooding. If you flood (Flooding is defined by posting 2 or more lines in chat per second) than you get banned and kicked for 12 hours**

* No exceptions.

** This applies only to networks / channels of which i moderate / have moderation permissons

*** If you can provide 3 or more sources of evidence than you might be able to get unbanned.


Written by markp1

May 25, 2007 at 8:23 pm

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