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Re-starting the fighting the chain letter movement.

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I’ve decided that i will re-start my “Break the chain. Don’t repost chain letters.” Movement. This means that on site such as YouTube, Google Video and forums I (and others) will mark user’s chainletters as spam and then post one of the following notices on the user’s channel comments, Or PM the user.

Break the chain. Don’t repost chain letters. Chainletters are fake and illegal in most cases.

Spam chainletters? Get banned. Many sites ban users who spam or post chain letters. You could be the next.

I’m also considering a new type of movement which actually uses a “Anti-Chain” meaning something in the ball park of..

“If you dont mark 40 chain letters spam within the next 20 minutes than your computer will crash!”

But the only reason i consider those is beacuse those aren’t actually illegal. i.e there not threatning that if you don’t repost it (In this case mark comments that are chainletters as spam.) that your mother will die. etc etc.

I’d be intrested in seeing your response to this. Feel free to comment on it or email my anti-chain letter address at:


Written by markp1

May 28, 2007 at 2:32 pm

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