what ever come’s to my mind, The failed platform PT:1-3

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I’ve come to acknowledge, that in its current standing with its current up-time and viewership numbers. has failed. or to say the least sucks A<censored> Currently. As of 10:53:21PM there is no stream. Justine’s channel is mass populated by perverted ink-heads and when Justin’s stream actually is up. There isn’t any audio. Is this the “Perfect live, Lifecasting platform” that justin was talking about at the Cable conference? Right now, 99% of Ustream channel are more interesting, Up longer, Load faster and have more interesting content than the *three* channels! ooooooooohhhhh! Threee!. I even acknowledge and admit, that i retract all previous postings with criticism’s towards As right now. UStream is kicking’s <censored>. Is this just me on an angry rant? Or am i right?

This is part one of three of a three part series of “, The failed platform”


Written by markp1

May 31, 2007 at 12:33 am

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