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Why I’m a loyal Cricket Customer.

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So, I walk into a Verizon Store. Very nice clean bit of a line, look around at the phones and then decided that i’m set on a Q. Wait 5ish minute and get served. So. Everythings going well give them my personal info. Until..

“We can offer you the phone for 99.00 today with a 2 year agreement, But we’ll need a 500.00 deposit per line

So lets see.

I was planning on getting 2 lines (One with a Q, The other with a V3m)


450.00 x2

+ 99.00 + 79.00 = 1,078USD … to get on a contract for two years with Verizon. … Mmmmm kaaay. Thanks but no thanks.

A few days later, I walk into a Cricket store (After looking them up on the web) It was near closing time but they still let me in. I looked around again, and decided to get a SLVR. Once i did get served they told me they didn’t have a SLVR, But could get one in a few days, Or offer me a discount on a RAZR. So i wen’t ahead and got 2 V3c’s. Not only did i get served quick, Without a credit check. Without a deposit. and without hasle. I also got a Bluetooth headset, Car charger, and case. for an extra 79.99 (Which unaware to me was already on the price tag of the phone. So i was more then happy to take those as the price for the phone was already pretty good.) I got the 50.00/month plan’s on both. Got them quick (And without a big huge white logo on the back saying “HI! I’M SO STUPID THAT I SIGNED UP FOR VERIZON!!!! :D”) which got me pretty much unlimited everything. and i also got my first month for 0.00.

So lets review

Verizon Wireless, We never stop talking bullshit working for you.”

  • 99.00 = 1 MotoQ (, With 2 verizon logo’s) = 99.00
  • 79.99 = 1 V3c (Light pink, With a verizon logo)
  • 500.00 per line x2 lines = 1,000USD

Amount due today: 1,306USD + Local tax @ 7.156%

Yeeeah… Mmmmmkay. Thanks, but no thanks.

Cricket Communcations “Some unlimited plans are soooooooooooooo. limited”

  • 2x V3c Gray (No Cricket logo, No ugly menu crap.) @ 279.99

Total due today: 558.99 + local tax, Which due to store location is less than what Verizon was.

So. for the price that verizon wanted per line i got *two* V3c’s, without a ugly verizon logo and UI and a month free on both phones *and* Unlimited everything for 50ish per month.

Need i say more?

Edit: Yes, I’m saying more. I just realized that i could have bought the Q with no-service or contract for less than 500.00 that Verizon wanted.


Written by markp1

June 5, 2007 at 5:50 am

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