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Welcome to Marklog 3.0

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Yeeep. Its finally here. after 2 month’s of work, lots of late nights with coffee. bunch’s of bawls, and alot of time with just me and pure hard php. Its here. Here’s the list of what’s new

  • Faster load times – Load time’s now down to 0.300ish in most cases
  • Better navigation with new theme. – New theme allows for better navigation around the blog
  • Improved WAP Access – Ever wanted marklog on your mobile phone? Now you can. Page’s will come pre-optimized for mobile devices. (This was setup before, But i’m using a newer plugin’s which allows more people to visit using the new WAP 2.0 Standard)
  • WYSWIG Commenting – No more remembering “<strong>” or forgetting to close your tag’s. Comment box’s now include a WYSWIG Editor.
  • Improved Spam Protection – This comes with the activation of Bad Behavior to stop spam from even getting here, to the automatic closing of comments after no comment’s are made on a post after 60 Day’s.
  • Preset emergency post’s. – In the case that i get sick, I go on a vacation or for some reason, Can’t access marklog to make new posts, I now have the blog set so that it will make a new post on it own every 2 days if for some reason i don’t post. The post’s are pre-written by me. Meaning there the same quality (Don’t Laugh.)
  • Better overall announcement services – The announcement system has been extended to both email’s, The forums, and other places including the image gallery.
  • Dynamic CSS
  • Better subscription options
  • New color schemes
  • Dynamic Searching – The blog should search without a reload, Now it does. Type something in the search box and the blog will magically show you what if found. No reload. No mess.

If you come over a bug feel free to let me know. or if you have an idea on something i should add also feel free to comment on this post. The release date for marklog 3.5 is August 21, 2007 with version 4.0 ringing in just in time for the holiday season (And my birthday, 26th Nov)


Written by markp1

June 8, 2007 at 10:58 am

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