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Nalt’s *weeps* himself into the YTPProgram

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Nalt’s (the brother of salt’s) has offically weeped his way into the YouTube Revenue Sharing program. With his “NAPPY” intiative. This mean’s any ad revenue of which YouTube gets via video shown on his page is shared with him, (at an undisclosed percentage, Don’t worry i’m working on that) You can see the video where his house is broken into at The video is on that page to preserve a fast loadtime of under 3 seconds on this page, As YouTube’s embed code has been slowing my site down to unacceptable speed’s lately so i’ve removed any embeds from the home page. (That page will work for 5 days, Until it’s deleted). So the “Excuse”.

Well. Ya know, Before i came here i used to do video on Revver. And so i could support myself a little bit by get paid there. But since i’ve joined YouTube that just hasn’t happened.

Well. ‘nother director off my subscription list.


Written by markp1

June 22, 2007 at 12:06 pm

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