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A “Coolieo”, Google App’s for Domain owners

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I’ve known its existence for quite a while but it never has hit me until today that i should try Out Google’s “Google App’s for domains”. I’m glad if finally did come to me. Think of if as having your own Virtual Google. Your own Gmail, You own Doc’s and spreadsheets, Google Chat etc. I’ve been an avid Gmail use since the beta. (I was among some of the first one’s to try it out when the entire thing went online. I joined within the first 3 month’s of it going online). So leaving Gmail as many times as i’ve tried (Looking for something different i guess.) Just doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter who it is. Yahoo, AOL,, Hotmail or even the snazzy free webmail i got with the domain just couldn’t match up to gmail. But as of today i’ve found a service that does. Gmail. Yes. Gmail. OK. OK. You now are either thinking to your self “This guy’s lost his mind. He’s saying that Gmail is as good or better than Gmail” or “Uhhhm.” or you might know what i’m talking about already. When you signup for Google App’s you get a few of Google’s cool apps, Docs and Spreadsheet’s. Google Chat, Calendar, Reader and Gmail. But the difference is instead of going to “” to get to gmail, You go to And when you go there your greeted by a “mark(net)” logo i whipped up in Seashore within a few minutes. Its really a cool service, Which requires only access to beable to change your MX Records and add a CNAME in your domain. I’m going to write a huge long review later next week. So stay tuned.


Written by markp1

September 5, 2007 at 8:22 pm