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“Too sexy to fly?” – Today show gets… Um. Flashed.

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Ha. National Television. Nothing like it. Today did a segment about how some lady’s skirt was “Too short to fly with” when they asked her to stand up it seemed like nothing. Not too flashy. Not to revealing, But that all changed when she sat back down. And inadvertently flashed The Today Shows Audience. This was caught. (Thank god. Last thing we need is another FCC “OMZG! CENSOR THAT!” fiasco like we all remember from a few years ago.)

Here’s the article on there blog “allDAY”

This morning, Matt interviewed Kyla Ebbert, a 23-year-old college student who works as a waitress at Hooters. WATCH VIDEO

Two months ago, she boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from San Diego to Tucson. Before the flight took off, she was escorted into the jetway by a customer service representative, who asked her to change her clothes.

She didn’t have any other clothes with her — she had no luggage — so the customer service rep told her to go home and change, then get a later flight. She said she had an appointment that she couldn’t change, so after getting a lecture on appropriate attire, she was allowed to re-board the plane. But once back in her seat, she had to cover her legs with a blanket for the entire flight.

Kyla wore the same outfit to the show this morning (see below).

At first, when she appeared on the set, it didn’t seem like her outfit was so inappropriate. It was clear that her skirt was pretty short, but it didn’t seem worthy of getting a lecture from a customer service representative on how to dress.

But when she sat down, we learned just how short that skirt was — when she flashed our national television audience. Yeah, that skirt was short.

So there are a lot of questions here. What is appropriate dress for flying? Who should decide what is appropriate? Should airlines have a dress code? And without a dress code, can an airline block someone from flying? (You can vote on whether you think this outfit is inappropriate HERE.)

Southwest did, in fact, let her take the flight, but apparently not without embarrassing her and making a scene. It seems like unless there was a particular incident or complaint from other customers, then she should have been allowed to fly without any issues.

But as we learned this morning, that skirt was indeed pretty short.


Written by markp1

September 7, 2007 at 3:06 pm